This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.

Blockchain Engineer

February 8, 2019
Token bonus
Location doesn't matter


  • You will be engaged at research, development and structural design of Fin-Tech production base on blockchain technology
  • In a role to participate and decision maker to all technical strategies and projects.
  • Responsible for public chain utility development and structural design base on block chain technology. To bring forth possibility of blockchain protocol, operational mechanism, encryption technology, consensus algorithm and underlying mechanism.
  • You will be part of the elite team that deals with the mind exploration of blockchain implementation and offer consecutive support to business development of the company.
  • Knowledgable and experience in any one of the fields of Golang, C++, Java, python
  • Knowledge in design and development of distributed software, micro-services architecture and container technology.
  • Knowledge of mainstream consensus algorithm including but not limited to PoW, PoS, DPoS, PBFT, Paxos and Raft etc.
  • Strong knowledge base of blockchain platform production, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, with in depth understanding of the core elements of blockchain technology.
  • Strong team player, good communication and broad mind.